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The following is the second of what hopefully becomes a regular, infrequent series on this site: personal essays relating to food or writing themes. If you are a writer and would like to submit a contribution, contact me. Or, if this is not your thing, visit the home page for what else is new!

a personal essay on food blogging / Go Eat Your Bread with Joy
Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

I started food blogging in 2008. The original site where I wrote got sold in 2017 and has since been repurposed, but I can remember the archives via the Internet’s Way Back Machine—and yesterday I did. I was 25 when I started the blog, a year out of grad school. My day job was boring, I read food blogs for fun and I was trying to learn to write another way. The blog was practice.

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Why Use Olive Oil As a Moisturizer

Winter weather doesn’t have to destroy your skin. Consider this: the same oil you cook with can be a great way to rehydrate! Here’s why using olive oil as a moisturizer is such a smart solution this season.

Save your skin by tapping into an ancient beauty secret: use olive oil as a moisturizer. It’s available, it’s accessible and it works! According to an Instagram poll last week, 98% of you already rely on this ingredient for everyday cooking. So while you’re using it in the kitchen, why not drizzle a few drops onto your hands and rub them in? The people behind Pompeian Olive Oil say you’ll be glad you did.

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A Roundup of Valentine Food Ideas Shaped in Hearts

Take your roses and / fancy rings, I just want all / of the heart-shaped things! It’s almost Valentine’s, and here’s the truth: whether you’re nine or 99, cutting food in heart shapes is a great way to celebrate. So come get inspired! From pizza to PB + J, here are eight creative Valentine food ideas shaped in hearts! 

PB + J in a roundup of Valentine food ideas shaped in hearts / Go Eat Your Bread with Joy #valentines

Is food more romantic when it’s cut in a heart shape? Who knows, but it sure is more fun. Wherever you find yourself this Valentine’s Day–in a relationship or not, with a group of friends or home with Netflix–if you have to eat on February 14, you may as well smile as you do. Grab a cookie cutter or get creative: plan to try any of the below Valentine’s food ideas you can cut in heart shapes!

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Making Homemade Tomato Sauce with Canned Tomatoes: Which Brand is Best?

We all know nothing beats fresh tomatoes from the garden, grown in summer sunshine and picked straight off the vine. Sometimes, however, such as in the dead of winter (I see you, negative wind chills across America!), canned tomatoes are the next best thing. So, inspired by a recent canned-tomato comparison at The Kitchn, I took one basic tomato sauce recipe and made it with four different brands of cans. Here’s a look at how the different options stacked up!

Canned tomatoes for use in homemade tomato sauce: a look at how different brands compare / Go Eat Your Bread with Joy

Listen, it’s hard to beat the convenience of canned tomatoes. They’re available year-round. They can sit in your pantry indefinitely. Even better, they’re cost-effective, priced anywhere from $1.50 on the economical end to $4+ on the high side. But, wait: $1.50 to $4? That’s no small price disparity, at least when what we’re talking about is the same basic ingredient, tomatoes, saved and canned and sold. So what’s the deal? Do some brands of tomatoes truly warrant price tags double the rest? Will buying the pricier option make a difference in cooking, especially when you’re making, say, homemade tomato sauce?

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6 Resources to Make You Want to Bake an All-Butter Pie Crust

Just because National Pie Day’s over doesn’t mean it’s too late to get inspired. Below, in honor of January 23, here are six resources to check out. Read them to get jazzed to bake an all-butter pie crust soon!

Resources to help you want to make an all-butter pie crust / Go Eat Your Bread with Joy
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

You may or may not have already known it, but today, January 23, has been dubbed Pie Day for more than 40 years. It started back in the 1970s, when a Colorado Renaissance man decided to make his birthday a national celebration. According to The Denver Post, nuclear engineer, brewer and teacher Charlie Papazian started a trend that caught on. His own annual birthday choice to stick a candle in pie became something bigger.

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Inspiration List: January 2019

Here we are, over halfway through the first month of the new year, and I’ve got a whole lot of links for you in this month’s inspiration list. What can I say? If January’s any indication, this year’s going to be filled with helpful and fun content. Maybe grab a cup of matcha to read through this one? (and, while you’re at it, also check out past inspiration lists here: December, November, October, September)

Long-fermented sourdough pizza still on repeat each week, using a half batch of Min Kim’s recipe, baked at 500F on a pizza stone for 10 minutes. MAGIC.
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