What 4 Experienced Sourdough Bakers Would Tell You

After you’ve been baking sourdough bread for a while, certain questions tend to come up. Should you deviate from recipes? When and how? Could you turn your sourdough hobby into a business? What’s involved? Where do you go from here? So consider the following Q + A as your chance to get answers. Here’s what four experienced sourdough bakers would tell you!

What 4 Experienced Sourdough Bakers Would Tell You / A Q + A at Go Eat Your Bread with Joy

All across America (and Canada!) there are home and professional bakers who have been measuring ingredients, slapping dough and testing sourdough bread recipes for years. Some of them are baking purely for pleasure, some teach classes, some develop recipes and some have dedicated followings online. Thanks to their experience, though, they offer a treasure trove of valuable information for the new or growing baker!

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What 5+ New Sourdough Bread Bakers Would Tell You

If you’re still on the fence about trying to bake sourdough, check out the following Q + A. Almost none of the five (update: make it six!) women featured in it were keeping a starter this time last year, and yet now they’re using words like “magical,” “miracle” and “fun.” Come read and see.

What 5+ New Sourdough Bread Bakers Would Tell You / Go Eat Your Bread with Joy
pictured: an example of a sourdough loaf baked by me, who started last May

What would new sourdough bread bakers across America have to tell you about entering the world of naturally leavened bread? This past week, thanks to six voluntary interview participants, I got to find out.

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A Roundup of Valentine Food Ideas Shaped in Hearts

Take your roses and / fancy rings, I just want all / of the heart-shaped things! It’s almost Valentine’s, and here’s the truth: whether you’re nine or 99, cutting food in heart shapes is a great way to celebrate. So come get inspired! From pizza to PB + J, here are eight creative Valentine food ideas shaped in hearts! 

PB + J in a roundup of Valentine food ideas shaped in hearts / Go Eat Your Bread with Joy #valentines

Is food more romantic when it’s cut in a heart shape? Who knows, but it sure is more fun. Wherever you find yourself this Valentine’s Day–in a relationship or not, with a group of friends or home with Netflix–if you have to eat on February 14, you may as well smile as you do. Grab a cookie cutter or get creative: plan to try any of the below Valentine’s food ideas you can cut in heart shapes!

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Best Valentine’s Gifts 2019: What to Order Online for the Ones You Love

Ten days ’til February 14 is the perfect time to get some gifts! Whether you’re shopping for your spouse, your sister, your best friend or your mom, here are some of the best Valentine’s gifts 2019 has to offer online. Scroll down to browse delicious, luxurious and/or inspiring ideas, organized by recipient!

A look at some of the best Valentine's gifts 2019 has to offer online / Go Eat Your Bread with Joy
Photo by Gades Photography on Unsplash

Everybody’s favorite heart-shaped holiday is right around the corner. That’s why now is the perfect time to think about fun gifts for the ones you love, significant others or otherwise. Plan ahead to show someone you care!

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6 Resources to Make You Want to Bake an All-Butter Pie Crust

Just because National Pie Day’s over doesn’t mean it’s too late to get inspired. Below, in honor of January 23, here are six resources to check out. Read them to get jazzed to bake an all-butter pie crust soon!

Resources to help you want to make an all-butter pie crust / Go Eat Your Bread with Joy
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

You may or may not have already known it, but today, January 23, has been dubbed Pie Day for more than 40 years. It started back in the 1970s, when a Colorado Renaissance man decided to make his birthday a national celebration. According to The Denver Post, nuclear engineer, brewer and teacher Charlie Papazian started a trend that caught on. His own annual birthday choice to stick a candle in pie became something bigger.

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