12 Natural Home Remedies for the Common Cold

Blame it on Nashville’s fast fluctuations in temperature or our having kids at home, we all got sick last week. One became two became a full family of runny noses. So while we were pounding supplements, sipping smoothies and making another tissue run, I started this list. Your go-to roundup of home remedies for the common cold.* Keep it for next time you’re sick (knock on wood).

natural remedies for the common cold

Like it or not, at some point or another, we’re all going to get colds. According to Nicola Davison at The Guardian, what’s considered normal today is “an average of between two and four colds each year” for adults and for “children, up to 10.” Woah. We’re all so used to this idea, in fact, we call it common. The common cold. But just because you have to get a cold doesn’t mean you have to surrender to it.Read More

How to Make Superfood Gelatin: Deep Dark Herbal Berry

This article on superfood gelatin takes a look at one of the biggest buzzwords in food. What can’t go superfood today? There are superfood smoothies, superfood chocolates, superfood lattes, superfood overnight oats. So what’s with the modern interest? And, more importantly, are superfoods worth the hype? Here’s a look.

superfood jello

Add the term to a recipe; double its appeal. Put it on a menu; increase its price. Superfood is a marketing term, not a scientific one, but it still, to most people, connotes better health, more nutrients, the kind of choice you make when you’re doing what’s right. So what’s the deal? Are superfoods, in fact, super? If you combine three so-called superfoods into superfood gelatin, for example, what do you get? To start, let’s look at the term itself.Read More

gluten-free bread for communion

Anyone who’s lived a gluten-free lifestyle knows how hard it is to find a bread free of wheat. So, recently tasked with finding a gluten-free bread for communion, i.e., one sturdy enough to dip into liquid without dissolving, I test two recipes, comparing quality and costs with store-bought varieties. Here’s what I find.

gluten-free bread for communion

Where do you go when you need a bread you can offer the masses? When you want loaves you can break and hand out? Given that, according to a study discussed last year by Niall McCarthy at Forbes Magazine, some 3.1 million Americans follow a gluten-free diet, a number that has “tripled since 2009,” finding a bread sans gluten is a good place to start. Read More