9 Great Graphic Tees for Food Lovers

Graphic tees are a little like tattoos or vanity license plates. They let you advertise your passions to anyone watching. So is food your thing? There’s a shirt for that. Celebrate the joy of eating with any of these nine great graphic tees for food lovers!

team sourdough graphic tees for food lovers

You know that feeling when you’ve found something you love and you just want to tell the world about it? When it comes to food, your thing could be produce or guacamole, steak or chocolate, farmer’s markets or taco stands. Whatever the case, there’s a shirt that shows you’re not alone. Even when you’re deep in the throws of bread-baking obsession or kale-loving cooking, there’s someone else out there who is, too. Want proof? Look at food shirt designs! Explore these nine great graphic tees for food lovers, and see if there’s a design that fits you.Read More

Beginner Sourdough Recipes That Worked for Me

When you’re new to sourdough, every recipe is an adventure: Will it turn out? Will you have to throw the bread in the trash? That’s why having beginner sourdough recipes on hand is essential. Fresh from a few victories, it’s easy to get hooked.

sourdough pizza crust from the perfect loaf

Two weeks into the world of baking sourdough, I can tell you this: there’s nothing like the magic of taking fresh-baked bread from your oven, knowing your hands played a part. Read More

One Sourdough Beginner to Another: 8 Tools to Buy

When you’re a sourdough beginner, reading recipes is like entering a whole new world. You’re figuring out words like autolyse, not to mention buying new tools like brotforms and scoring knives. So, since several of you have asked where to start, here’s advice, one newbie to another. Fresh from my first success (!), here’s what you actually need–and what’s only nice, not necessary, to have.

sourdough beginner

At the beginning of this week, I put my research to the test and baked (my first solo) sourdough. Using this beginner’s recipe from The Perfect Loaf (tip: bookmark this recipe!), I used all organic all-purpose flour instead of the recommended bread-wheat-rye flour combo, spent a little over 24 hours following steps and monitoring my dough and, guess what? It worked! No one was more surprised than I to find a golden crust, a soft crumb and stretchy slices I could see light through … it really was magic.Read More

Hey, Bread Lovers: Here are 22 Sourdough Bakers to Follow on Instagram

If there’s anything better than the way fresh sourdough tastes (I know, doubtful), it would be the way it looks: cracked and golden outside, soft and stretchy inside, scored in stunning patterns that are nothing short of art. With that in mind, here are 22 sourdough bakers to follow on Instagram–for bread pictures that are especially drool-worthy.

my sourdough bread

(pictured above: Saturday’s loaf!) Read More

Jarlsberg Jalapeño Biscuits [recipe]

South meets Norse in this Jarlsberg® jalapeño biscuits recipe, created in partnership with Jarlsberg® cheese*. In it, a Southern classic gets a Norwegian twist with a hefty portion of the mild cow’s milk cheese alongside diced peppers. Think of it as more reason to love the people of fjords, Vikings, skiing and the midnight sun.

Jarlsberg jalapeno biscuits

Sure, the Danes brought us hygge, but the Norwegians gave us what’s now known as America’s number-one edible import: Jarlsberg® cheese. Mild and melty, this lactose-free cheese is as versatile as it is beloved. Is it any wonder that the people of Norway are literally some of the happiest on earth, ranked second only to Denmark?Read More