Marcella Hazan’s Handmade Pasta Recipe

The 1992 cookbook Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking is still an Amazon bestseller today. In it, Marcella Hazan has a lot to say about making pasta–some of it surprising. Whether you’re a pasta veteran or never considered the idea of making it yourself, here’s a look at the legendary Italian cook’s handmade pasta recipe and what it might be able to teach you!

what marcella hazan teaches us about making pasta at home
Fresh noodles made per Marcella’s formula, with only two ingredients: (semolina) flour and eggs

There’s nothing like a handmade pasta recipe to reignite your love of cooking. All it takes is a chunk of time in the kitchen and the simplest of ingredients to create the foundation for four-star dining at home! Read More

4 of the Best Green Bean Casserole Recipes from Scratch, to Honor the Dish’s Inventor

Just one month before America’s favorite food holiday, the woman who created one of its most signature dishes has passed away. Dorcas Reilly, former manager of Campbell’s Kitchens and inventor of the green bean casserole, died October 15 in Camden, New Jersey, at the age of 92. In her honor, here are four of the Internet’s best green bean casserole recipes from scratch.

best green bean casseroles
Photo by Neha Deshmukh on Unsplash

In modern America at Thanksgiving, the green bean casserole is now almost as commonplace as turkey–but it wasn’t always this way. The person we have to thank for the side dish’s ubiquity is Dorcas Reilly. Read More

Shirataki Miracle Noodles: Are They Worth Trying?

If you’ve ever wished for a noodle with zero calories, zero carbs, zero gluten and a neutral flavor profile ready to absorb spices, you’ll understand why shirataki noodles are called a miracle. Also known as shirataki miracle noodles, miracle noodles or keto noodles, these slippery, watery, initially fishy noodles are similar to the ones you find in Asian stir-fries, soups or curries. Some people use them like pasta. Are they worth trying? Do they taste good? In the following post, I find out.

Shirataki miracle noodles, also known as konjac pasta, made by the Miracle Noodles brand
Two bags of Miracle Noodles brand shirataki noodles in the fettucine cut, two for $5 at Whole Foods Market in Nashville

In January 2017, I wrote an article for Vitamix about how miracle noodles were becoming mainstream. Nonetheless, almost two years later, 73% of you polled on Instagram said you still haven’t tried them. And, despite researching that blog post two winters ago, I’ll admit I’m with you. Read More

St. Louis Sourdough Is on the Rise

Move over, San Francisco, there’s another sourdough city in the game. Located right in the heart of the Midwest, St. Louis, Missouri is a location booming with bakeries that offer naturally leavened bread. Distinguished by their short ingredient lists and long fermentation times, these loaves of St. Louis sourdough make a great case for bread bakers (or anyone!) to schedule a road trip to Missouri sometime soon.

st louis sourdough - a weekend sampling
Road trip idea in middle America: spend a weekend in St. Louis, sampling all the sourdough bread

When most people think St. Louis, they think Cardinals, the Arch, maybe the award-winning zoo. For bread lovers, however, there’s an even more exciting claim to fame, and it’s gaining momentum. In the last 12 months, not one, not two, but four different bread bakeries have opened, all with one thing in common: they specialize in naturally leavened goods.

St. Louis Sourdough: this town is loaded with naturally leavened eateries!

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