10 Most Popular Posts This Year

This past weekend, the Go Eat Your Bread with Joy blog completed its first year, hooray! To celebrate, here’s a look at our 10 most visited posts between December 8, 2017 and today.

long-fermented sourdough, naturally leavened bread
Pictured: long-fermented sourdough bread, as mentioned in below roundup

Happy first birthday, Go Eat Your Bread with Joy! What started with a look at The Pepperidge Farm cookbook and a crazy day of pie-making has now grown into a full year of posts, featuring everything from recipe roundups to how-to guides. To mark this milestone, here’s a quick overview about the site, as well as a roundup of its 10 most visited posts this first year.

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How to Make Turkey Stuffing from Scratch

When it comes to how to make turkey stuffing from scratch, a lot of people have opinions. What tastes like the real deal to you is probably what someone else used to make for you (nostalgia!). But, whether it’s cornbread or white bread, in the bird or out, the good news is there’s no wrong answer. You do you! And, just for fun, to give you a peek into a few other households, here’s my pick for how to make turkey stuffing from scratch, as well as four other inspired ideas from around the web. 

how to make turkey stuffing from scratch

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4 of the Best Green Bean Casserole Recipes from Scratch, to Honor the Dish’s Inventor

Just one month before America’s favorite food holiday, the woman who created one of its most signature dishes has passed away. Dorcas Reilly, former manager of Campbell’s Kitchens and inventor of the green bean casserole, died October 15 in Camden, New Jersey, at the age of 92. In her honor, here are four of the Internet’s best green bean casserole recipes from scratch.

Dorcas Reilly, inventor of the green bean casserole, with her husband, Tom
“‘She’s the most humble person you’ve ever met,’ said [Reilly’s husband] Tom, who made small talk and googly eyes at Dottie Wednesday afternoon in their sunlit dining room. It has been nearly 75 years since he first laid eyes on her in the hallway of Camden High School,” NJ.com // Photo Credit: Joe Warner | For NJ Advance Media
In modern America at Thanksgiving, the green bean casserole is now almost as commonplace as turkey–but it wasn’t always this way. The person we have to thank for the side dish’s ubiquity is Dorcas Reilly. Read More

A Dozen Pumpkin Recipes to Try This Fall

The first week of fall is the perfect time to make a bucket list of pumpkin recipes to try this year! From a homemade pumpkin spice latte to start your day to a pumpkin sourdough bread to celebrate the season, here are a handful of ideas worth bookmarking!


A towering loaf topped by crisp cinnamon and sugar makes for an unforgettable pumpkin bread treat.

What about you: does your heart skip a beat at the cooler temps and falling leaves of fall? Are you ready for pumpkin season?

I’d love to hear about the recipes you’re excited to be making or what’s on your autumn bucket list this year–reach out anytime via the Contact page!

9 Fun Watermelon Recipes for a Party

Labor Day’s right around the corner. Giant watermelons are running under $3 at the store. So, wherever you’re going this upcoming holiday weekend (and beyond!), gear up with watermelon recipes for a party. Below are nine great ideas!

watermelon recipes for a party / go eat your bread with joy
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Made of about 92% water according to Live Science, watermelons are the definition of hydrating and yet still high in vitamins A, B6 and C (not to mention lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids). Quintessentially summer food, they’re the perfect way to savor the season as it nears its end.Read More

10 Easy Blueberry Recipes for Breakfast

Want more antioxidant-rich blueberries in your diet? Why not start with breakfast? The first meal of the day is the perfect time to up your berry intake. Below are ten easy blueberry recipes to use!

Easy Blueberry Recipes to Try for Breakfast

When you want to eat more berries, a great place to start is with easy blueberry recipes for the morning. First thing when you get up, make a fresh, healthy choice; suddenly your day will be looking better. The level of difficulty is up to you. From grabbing fresh berries on their own to using them in a make-ahead recipe, there are lots of ways to enjoy easy, blueberry-packed bites.

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