9 Fun Watermelon Recipes for a Party

Labor Day’s right around the corner. Giant watermelons are running under $3 at the store. So, wherever you’re going this upcoming holiday weekend (and beyond!), gear up with watermelon recipes for a party. Below are nine great ideas!

watermelon recipes for a party / go eat your bread with joy
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Made of about 92% water according to Live Science, watermelons are the definition of hydrating and yet still high in vitamins A, B6 and C (not to mention lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids). Quintessentially summer food, they’re the perfect way to savor the season as it nears its end.Read More

10 Easy Blueberry Recipes for Breakfast

Want more antioxidant-rich blueberries in your diet? Why not start with breakfast? The first meal of the day is the perfect time to up your berry intake. Below are ten easy blueberry recipes to use!

Easy Blueberry Recipes to Try for Breakfast

When you want to eat more berries, a great place to start is with easy blueberry recipes for the morning. First thing when you get up, make a fresh, healthy choice; suddenly your day will be looking better. The level of difficulty is up to you. From grabbing fresh berries on their own to using them in a make-ahead recipe, there are lots of ways to enjoy easy, blueberry-packed bites.

So want some inspiration for easy blueberry recipes? Try any of the following ideas!Read More

14 Freezer Meals for New Moms

This post on freezer meals for new moms is part of a series of articles on bringing meals to friends who’ve had babies or are sick. Interested in learning more? See also Instagram survey results and this interview with Amanda Waddell. Or, if you have an idea or feedback on the topic to share, message me anytime!

freezer meals for new moms

Have a friend who’s been in the hospital? Are you pregnant and prepping for those postpartum days? Whatever the case, when you want meals that can be made ahead of time, frozen and then popped in the oven, here’s a roundup of great ideas for freezer meals for new moms (or anyone in a tough spot). Browse through and get inspired with what to bring or prep! All recipes feature comforting meals that can be brought fresh or frozen.Read More

Beginner Sourdough Recipes That Worked for Me

When you’re new to sourdough, every recipe is an adventure: Will it turn out? Will you have to throw the bread in the trash? That’s why having beginner sourdough recipes on hand is essential. Fresh from a few victories, it’s easy to get hooked.

sourdough pizza crust from the perfect loaf

Two weeks into the world of baking sourdough, I can tell you this: there’s nothing like the magic of taking fresh-baked bread from your oven, knowing your hands played a part. Read More

Best Blog Recipes: 5 Online Dinners I Keep Making

In the 2018 Internet, it’s not hard to find a new dinner idea. But, a good one? The kind you’d want to make again? When you’re looking for fresh inspiration for what to put on the table at night, let me be the friend who hands you a list of best blog recipes. These five quick, easy, budget-friendly online recipes are dinners I keep making. (And do you have other favorites? Let me know!)

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