Best Blog Recipes: 5 Online Dinners I Keep Making

In the 2018 Internet, it’s not hard to find a new dinner idea. But, a good one? The kind you’d want to make again? When you’re looking for fresh inspiration for what to put on the table at night, let me be the friend who hands you a list of best blog recipes. These five quick, easy, budget-friendly online recipes are dinners I keep making. (And do you have other favorites? Let me know!)

There’s nothing like the disappointment of a recipe that promises to deliver and comes up short. So whether you’re in a rut and looking for some foolproof inspiration or you’re tired of dealing out duds, here are five of, in my opinion, the best blog recipes for dinner.

  1. The Best Kale Salad | Bloom & Nourish: In case you missed the Instastory ode to this salad a few months ago, here’s the gist: I’ve loved this salad at least as long as it’s been since Ashley first posted it, which was four-and-a-half years ago. Something about cheese and breadcrumbs and massaged kale yields a hearty, savory bowl of greens that I literally crave.
  2. Black Bean Vegan Street Tacos | Edible Perspective: I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve told people about these, let alone how many times I’ve made them. They’re simple, they’re fast and they’re based on two $1 cans of black beans and three avocados, which, at least here in Nashville, are currently running around $0.69 each.
  3. Colorado Chicken Soup | The Daily Meal, excerpted from Soup Nights (pictured above): Black beans, corn and chicken add interest to a brothy, tomato soup made of onions, carrots and celery. This recipe is also highly adaptable: I’ve subbed turkey for chicken after Thanksgiving, a blend of ketchup and water for tomatoes on a lean week, less vegetables, more vegetables–it’s always good.
  4. 30-Minute Sweet Potato and Lentil Stew | I’m an easy sell for 30-minute recipes, but this one actually lives up to the hype. Created by Nashville chef Laura Lea Goldberg, it’s an easy but flavorful blend of onion, sweet potatoes, garlic, red lentils and Indian spices–we eat it with warmed flour tortillas on the side.
  5. Nut Lentil Bites | Naturally Ella: I’ll start by saying I break all the rules with these. I use a blend of black and red lentils, which Erin says not to do, and I sub different nuts–whatever is on hand that day. But these bites! I’ve made them three times in the last two months, and they’re addictively good. Clear a little more time to prep dinner or make these beforehand to rewarm, and serve them with salad or pasta. Take it from someone who’s made a lot of homemade falafel and lentil meatball recipes: these are great.
  6. Bonus! Foolproof Rice: This is not a dinner recipe, per se, more like a base for one (say, budget-bottom fried rice, perhaps), but it is worth mentioning because it changed my rice-making life. If you’ve ever burned or made mushy a pot of rice, here’s what you’ll want to know: Boil four parts water. Add one part rice, with seasonings. Boil, uncovered, for 12 minutes. Strain. Perfect rice every time.

roundup of best blog recipes for easy dinners at home

Also, honorable mention, we still make this fast and easy pizza crust (three months strong!) about once a week. It’s hearty enough to hold hefty toppings, yet fast enough to come together at the last minute on a busy night. Making it a Friday routine has been a relief and a celebration, both.

What other best blog recipes would you add to this list? Are there dinners you’ve tried and loved enough to make again and again? Let me know!