Very Veggie Chicken Fajitas

Move meat from star to side dish with these veggie-loaded chicken fajitas, created in partnership with Asabasa Spice Co.* Featuring almost a three-to-one ratio of vegetables to meat, they’re a perfect example of how you can eat a produce-packed dinner while still being a carnivore.

heavy-veggie chicken fajitas / go eat your bread with joy

It was journalist Michael Pollan who coined the now-famous phrase “eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” For anyone who loves a good steak, roast chicken or slow-cooked tacos, however, this can feel tough. Read More

Deep Dish Sourdough Pizza (a Kid-Friendly Dinner)

All the love to the lazy recipe from the archives, but this deep dish sourdough pizza is the new Friday favorite. It’s simple enough to involve the kids in dinner prep–yet naturally leavened to boot.

deep dish sourdough pizza / go eat your bread with joy

A tradition that started back in an early 2018 snowstorm is still going strong, now, in July’s blazing temps. Maybe that’s because Friday night pizza means a mental break from meal planning. In January, it began with this lazy recipe adapted from Genius Kitchen: a foolproof option that takes maybe 15 minutes to pull together, yields a hefty cracker crust and holds up confidently beneath mounds of meat, veggies and cheese. But, after months (!) of that happy dinner each week, along came sourdough. Life’s never been the same–and that includes pizza night.Read More

Best Blog Recipes: 5 Online Dinners I Keep Making

In the 2018 Internet, it’s not hard to find a new dinner idea. But, a good one? The kind you’d want to make again? When you’re looking for fresh inspiration for what to put on the table at night, let me be the friend who hands you a list of best blog recipes. These five quick, easy, budget-friendly online recipes are dinners I keep making. (And do you have other favorites? Let me know!)

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Budget-Bottom Easy Fried Rice

This easy fried rice is part of a series of articles on cheap dinners made from pantry staples. When you’re at the end of your food budget, you’ve to work with what’s available. Enter the budget-bottom meal. Got an idea for this series? Contact me.

easy fried rice

It’s the end of the month. Your fridge pickings are sparse. But, before you bust the budget back at the store, consider this: if you’ve got carrots, an onion, an egg and leftover rice, you’ve already got the makings of a good, cheap meal. Read More

fast homemade pizza and sauce

There’s no denying the magic of make-ahead meals, but, still, who doesn’t love a last-minute recipe? This fast homemade pizza only takes about a half hour to make–and the sauce, another half hour before or as you prep. Best of all, you may have all the ingredients on hand for this addictive, delicious dinner.

fast pizza and sauce

With reviews like “I have been making pizza for twelve years and…am considering replacing all of them with this one” and “this was the easiest pizza dough I’ve ever made,” the Super Quick Pizza Dough Recipe from Serious Eats is an easy sell. A few features: There’s no making the dough in the morning to prepare for dinner. You don’t have to knead the dough, let it rise and knead the dough again. The recipe calls for a total four ingredients, and you might already have them in your pantry. On top of that, of its 77 posted reviews, this is a pizza crust that gets an average of 4.5 stars–despite minimal instructions that don’t tell you how long or at what temperature it should be baked. In other words, it could be the definition of foolproof.Read More

Venison Vegetable Soup

This is part one in a Cook the Cookbook series featuring Margaret Rudkin’s The Pepperidge Farm Cookbook, published in 1963. Read the intro to this cookbook’s series here.

venison vegetable soup

“Soup was a great favorite in our house, for we were a large family of children, and soup and bread and butter could be counted on to fill us up.” Margaret Rudkin

Beef and Vegetable Soup is The Pepperidge Farm Cookbook‘s first recipe, in the chapter dubbed Childhood, just after a narration of Rudkin’s formative years of life. It’s a recipe that originated with her grandmother, who lived along with Rudkin’s family in their New York brownstone, and a recipe that was beloved enough to become Rudkin’s meal of choice for her birthday each year. It features ingredients I can’t say I’ve ever found in my shopping cart–such as a shin of beef and a large veal knuckle–and says it will serve six to eight. Read More