One Week with an Instapot 6qt Multi-Cooker

For the 77% of you who, recently polled on Instagram, said you wanted faster ways to make dinner, the Instapot is intriguing. Would it save you time? Should you buy one? To investigate, I borrowed an Instapot 6qt model from a friend for a week. After three dinners, one breakfast, a dessert and some extras, here’s what I found.

one week with the instapot 6qt
Savings tip: While the Instapot 6qt retails for about $80, dented (but perfectly working) models like the one pictured go for a discount.

Advertised as a 7-in-1 kitchen appliance, the Instapot is supposed to be the cooking device that does it all: pressure cooking, slow cooking, making rice, making yogurt, sautéing or searing, steaming and warming food. For most people, though, Instapot means pressure cooker, the task the device is most famous for and the one that puts the “insta” in its name. Read More

Do You Buy All Organic Produce or Do You Follow the Dirty Dozen/Clean 15?

In an informal Instagram survey, a reader recently wanted to know more about grocery sources. Her question: “Do you buy all fruits/vegetables organic, or do you follow Dirty Dozen/Clean 15?” So here’s a look at these labels, which get updated each year, and how you might use them when you grocery shop.

dirty dozen/clean 15 2018
Photo by Sylvie Tittel on Unsplash

In 2018, most Americans know about pesticides, those substances used to kill pests, such as weeds or insects, on plants, as well as the associated risks of using them. Read More

50 Things to Do in Nashville This Fall

The great thing about October in Tennessee is that fall’s just getting started. So why not savor the season with these 50 enjoyable things to do in Nashville this year! From walking the trails at Radnor to visiting a local pumpkin patch, here are some fun fall ideas to try before winter comes.

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Daydreaming about a Fall Foodie Weekend in Portland

Every October, leaf lovers in the South start dreaming of New England. While we’re still wearing shorts and tank-tops in Nashville, Maine’s offering brilliant foliage, crisp weather and all kinds of harvest festivals. So how about you? Up for some daydreaming? Here’s a little inspiration for a fall foodie weekend in Portland!

fall food weekend in maine
pictured: everyday beauty off a road in Maine’s October

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6 Feel-Good Food Flicks to Catch at Home This Fall

The days are darkening, the weather’s cooling and cozy nights at home are just around the corner. So when you find yourself scrolling Netflix or your laptop screen looking for something fun to watch this season, here are six feel-good food flicks to try!

Feel-Good Food Flicks to Watch This Fall

There’s no shortage of food flicks on Netflix today, from heady documentaries to episodes of reality TV. But, sometimes, when you’re cozying up inside for a movie night, you just want a happy story that leaves you feeling hopeful and inspired. Read More