A Few Good New Year Resolutions 2018

A new year brings new opportunities–such as finding more ways to have fun in the kitchen! So as you plan your new year resolutions 2018, consider the following list of possibilities. Unlike some lists, it’s focused less on restriction, more on enjoyment. Give yourself something to look forward to trying in 2019!

A few good new year resolutions 2018: for fun in the kitchen
Photo by Oskars Sylwan on Unsplash

A lot of people like to knock new year resolutions. Mostly that’s because they don’t stick. Google around: according to statistics all over the Internet, most people who set new goals for the new year won’t keep to them. Some resources say as many as nine out of ten people will give up. Nonetheless, setting goals and making resolutions is still a good idea, especially if you pursue a specific kind of change, that is, the fun ones.

Science backs this up. According to Christine Carter of Greater Good Magazine, it’s the joyful resolutions that you’ll keep doing. Choose to focus on spending more time with people you love or giving to others each day, for example, and you’re more likely to still be doing it this time next year. It only makes sense. Who wants to stop something you love doing?

So in that spirit, here are a few fun resolutions, goals, dreams, possibilities to inspire more joy in the kitchen for you in the new year. As you’re making your new year resolutions 2018, consider these suggestions.

1. Learn how to make homemade pasta.

Whether you want to finally put that pasta maker to use or you can just imagine the fun of stretching your own noodles at home, make 2019 the year you make pasta. All it takes is two ingredients and some time. Here’s a guide!

2. Or bake sourdough bread!

If you’ve been reading along in 2018, you know it’s the year that sourdough entered my kitchen, and now I hope it never leaves. If you want someone to tell you that you can bake sourdough bread, I am that person. Check out my Sourdough 101 Highlights on Instagram and get yourself a starter. It’s a life-changing experience I hope everyone knows they can tackle.

3. Make one new healthy choice.

We all know diets, salads and smoothies are on trend in January. But rather than feeling like you have to revolutionize your entire diet if you want to make a change, start small. Why? According to Jessica Stillman at Inc., setting the bar low can actually help you on your follow-through. What’s more, small changes can make a big impact on your life. While Stillman lists “knitting, baking, or bowling” as examples, it’s just as true of introducing a new ingredient or swapping something out.

So if you’re into the idea of setting health-conscious new year resolutions 2018, find a little habit you’re happy to try. Whether it’s making green smoothies for breakfast, working some real-food recipes into your meal plans, going meatless an extra night or swapping out white sugar with an unrefined choice, pick just one doable change and commit to it.

4. Get organized! Sign up for The (free) Minimalist Kitchen Course from The Faux Martha.

Earlier this year, in a cookbook recommendation roundup, I mentioned Melissa Coleman’s book, The Minimalist Kitchen. If you can get your hands on a copy soon, use it alongside her free online course, January 8-29. I’m doing it. Free organization inspiration? Count me in. Come join me!

5. Find a new food blog to follow.

Even aside from this site you’ve landed on (hi there! subscribe anytime via the sidebar!), there are so many wonderful food blogs filled with ongoing inspiration. I like Heidi Swanson’s 101 Cookbooks for an enormous number of vegetarian recipes with a pretty aesthetic, for example, or The Perfect Loaf for in-depth information and step-by-step guides on sourdough. Earlier this week I made tiramisu from The Modern Proper, a new-to-me site with a minimalist vibe, and the fact that the entire dish was gone within 24 hours tells you why it’s worth checking out. Really though, there are blogs of all flavors, so digging around and finding one that speaks to you is a great way to get excited about cooking in the new year.

6. Create a restaurant bucket list.

If you live in a town like Nashville, you know new restaurants hit the scene faster than you can read about them. So why not start the year by writing out a list of places you want to try in 2019, letting yourself work through them as the year unfolds? It’s fun to learn about new hot spots, and, next time someone suggests meeting up somewhere, you’ll be ready with a suggestion. Read about some great lunches in Music City here or explore five reasons to visit True Food Kitchen.

7. Have people over more often.

The frequency is up to you: once a week, once a month, once a season. What’s important is that you open up your home and invite people into it. When you welcome people into your space, you get to tackle two of the happiness-boosting suggestions Carter mentioned in her article: spending more time with friends and giving to others.

The bottom line is, should you choose to make new year resolutions 2018, do yourself a favor and pick ones you want to try! There’s no reason this year can’t be the year you get excited about what you cook or who you cook with–it’s a new year filled with new possibilities, including more ways to enjoy what you eat.

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