Hey, Bread Lovers: Here are 22 Sourdough Bakers to Follow on Instagram

If there’s anything better than the way fresh sourdough tastes (I know, doubtful), it would be the way it looks: cracked and golden outside, soft and stretchy inside, scored in stunning patterns that are nothing short of art. With that in mind, here are 22 sourdough bakers to follow on Instagram–for bread pictures that are especially drool-worthy.

my sourdough bread

(pictured above: Saturday’s loaf!) My husband used to bake sourdough regularly (affiliate link: recipe in this book), but two babies, two houses and a couple years later it’s been harder to find the time. So last week, I ordered a new starter (affiliate link: from Breadtopia on Amazon), fed it, watched it and fed it again. In the days since, there have been a lot of helpful articles (multiple people recommended this site) and many YouTube how-to videos (this one’s great), but what’s really got me inspired is all the hole-y slices and scored loaves on Instagram. There is an entire world of sourdough bakers on Instagram! I will heart all their pics!

So in case you, too, love a little bread-baking beauty, here are 22 sourdough bakers on Instagram worth following:

1. @BlondieandRye / Hannah P.

Who knew sourdough could look so good?
Blondie and Rye

2. @Joseybakerbread / Josey Baker

When your last name’s baker, what are the odds you’ll write a gorgeous cookbook all about bread? (Affiliate link: Josey Baker Bread) If you’ve heard of The Mill in San Francisco, you’ll probably like this.

Josey Baker

3. @Maurizio / Maurizio Leo

Saveur magazine blog award winner, home sourdough baker at The Perfect Loaf.


4. @MinsKitchen / Min Kim

Traditional foods teacher. I’ve followed Min for years and can say confidently that if she is baking it, I am salivating over it. If she ever opens a restaurant, we will plan a vacation around visiting it.

Mins Kitchen

5. @MyDailySourdoughBread, Natasa Djuric

Sourdough baker/teacher/photographer, author of the first Slovenian sourdough book.

My Daily Sourdough Bread

6. @Sourdough_Mania / Anita Sumer

self-taught baker of artistic sourdough from Slovenia.

Sourdough Mania

7. @SourdoughClub / The Sourdough Club

an account that celebrates sourdough loaves, shares tips from @SourdoughSchool.

The Sourdough Club

8. @Wild_Belly_Sourdough

bread farmer and sourdough bakery using local, organic ingredients and working on a cookbook.

Wild Belly Sourdough

9. @bellaartisanbaking, Leannah

i.e., the Instagrammer who’s inspired my new life goal to bake bread with holes like the ones you see on her account.

bellaartisanbaking on instagram

10. @TheCleverCarrot, Emilie Raffa

author of (affiliate link) Artisan Sourdough Made Simple, which Amanda Paa of Heartbeet Kitchen calls her “guiding star” in learning sourdough.

@theclevercarrot on instagram

11. @Sarah_C_Owens, Sarah Owens

Author of the cookbooks (affiliate links:) SOURDOUGH (winner of James Beard Award), Toast and Jam; and the forthcoming Heirloom.


12. @KinshipBreadCo, Benjamin Watson

baker at Standard Baking Company in Portland, ME.


13. @DantheBaker

sourdough baker from Columbus, Ohio. Also worth noting are the photos of croissants and cronuts, oh my.


14. @CrustCrumbles, the account of Crust and Crumbles Bakery

making Rockford, IL look like a place I want to go.


15. @MothersOven, an artisan bread bakery in South Korea

proving the love of sourdough is worldwide.


16. @Yuentien, Marguerite

a home cook who posts beautiful, minimalist bread photography.


17. @VanessaKimbell, Vanessa Kimbell

the UK baker behind what’s currently the #1 new release in bread-baking books on Amazon (affiliate link:) The Sourdough School: The Ground-Breaking Guide to Making Gut-Friendly Bread.


18. @MJJTightLines, Matthew Jay Jones

former Tartine baker and head baker at San Francisco’s Outerlands.


19. @Ca_Mia_Breadlab, Matteo Festorazzi

author of (affiliate link) Natural Leavenings.


20. @FullproofBaking, Kristen D.

a home baker in Chicago who (understandably!) describes herself as obsessed with sourdough.


21. @BrooklynSourdough, Erin Slonaker

home baker who loves sourdough and named her starter Constance. (Can I steal this?)


22. @DanielTBarney, Daniel T Barney

baker of not only sourdough bread, but also killer-looking pizza.


Collecting All the Sourdough Bakers

Finding 22 bread-baking Instagrammers may seem excessive, but it’s truly only scratching the surface of jaw-dropping, inspiring sourdough bakers online. Are you a bread baker? Have you named your starter? Do you have any great tips to share?

I’d love to hear from you–reach out here!