Best Valentine’s Gifts 2019: What to Order Online for the Ones You Love

Ten days ’til February 14 is the perfect time to get some gifts! Whether you’re shopping for your spouse, your sister, your best friend or your mom, here are some of the best Valentine’s gifts 2019 has to offer online. Scroll down to browse delicious, luxurious and/or inspiring ideas, organized by recipient!

A look at some of the best Valentine's gifts 2019 has to offer online / Go Eat Your Bread with Joy
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Everybody’s favorite heart-shaped holiday is right around the corner. That’s why now is the perfect time to think about fun gifts for the ones you love, significant others or otherwise. Plan ahead to show someone you care!

The truth is, whether you’re talking about your wife, your kids, your gal pals or your coworkers, you can brighten anyone’s day with a sweet little (or big) something that says you care. So, with that in mind, here’s a roundup of online gifts, from traditional chocolate to nontraditional adaptogenic cocoa powder (don’t run away!), that you might want to surprise someone with this year!

1. For the special kids in your life: Lake Champlain’s The Kid’s Owl Valentine Chocolate Box, $14

A six-piece box of assorted milk chocolates becomes even sweeter when you add a happy owl asking “whoooo loves you?” to the front. The chocolates inside are organic and kosher, some shaped like hearts.

2. For the grownup chocolate lover: Organic Chocolate Box from VivaSense on Etsy, $25

What’s fun about this set of chocolate bars on Etsy is that it’s totally customizable. You get to pick which four chocolate bars to include in your box. Options include: 100% Virgin Dark Chocolate, 85% Virgin Dark Chocolate, 66% Dark Chocolate, Chocolate 58% + Quinoa, Chocolate 58% + Lemongrass + Quinoa, Chocolate 72% + GoldenBerries, Chocolate 72% + Mint and Chocolate 72% + Roses + Lemon (roses and lemon, what!).

3. For the chocolate connoisseur: The Larder Chocolate Flight from Brooklyn Larder, $49

OK, obviously, everybody enjoys a little chocolate, especially on a holiday that’s almost defined by it—but for the person who doesn’t just like, but actually l-o-v-es, chocolate, why not go big? Brooklyn Larder offers with an entire flight of delicious, unique bars, hand-selected by its team. This sampling showcases some of the most special chocolates in the market and comes with descriptions detailing what’s great about them.

4. For the woman who could use a little luxury in this long, cold winter: Joyaria Womens Bamboo Pajama Sleepwear, $36.99

The Polar Vortex took it out of a lot of us, and, whether your temps have since warmed up or not, cozy pajamas are always a welcome sight. For the girl who’s survived the dreary days of winter and could use a little comfort, why not order this cute matching pajama set? Someone on Instagram recommended it highly—and the 4.4-star Amazon rating’s not a bad sign, either. Bonus idea: pair it with some nourishing body butter from Nashville’s own Thistle Farms, perfect for knocking out the season’s dry skin woes.

5. For the health nut who likes to indulge in a fun treat here or there: Harry & David’s Organic Snack Box, $59.99

You know that friend who loves to eat organic but also craves sweet treats? This bounty of USDA-certified organic snacks is sure to bring a smile. From your relatives who are health nuts to your coworker who’s a self-professed foodie, who wouldn’t love a bin of wholesome treats such as cranberry maple granola, Earl Grey tea and chocolate coffee bean bark?

6. For the animal lover with a sweet tooth: Vegan Sweet Treats from Chelsea Market Baskets, $65

This gift basket contains all vegan, and only vegan, snacks. From crunchy cookies to a HU chocolate bar (endorse!) to vegan gummies, each item has absolutely no animal products in it. 

7. For the stressed out, tightly wound: Cosmic Cocoa from Moon Juice, $30

Got a friend who’s coming off coffee and high on stress? Give the gift of adaptogens in cosmic cocoa from Moon Juice. Let him or her run a first-hand test of the claims that ashwagandha, shatavari and reishi can make a difference in daily anxiety!

8. For the wanna-be baker: Artisan Sourdough Made Simple, $14.95

While a book about bread-baking surely doesn’t spell romance for all people, for the person who dreams about sourdough but feels scared to start, this is pure gold. Emilie Raffa breaks down sourdough into a simpler, more manageable process that gets you in the game and gives you confidence to keep trying. Read more about this book in the previous post: Start Sourdough Baking with Artisan Sourdough Made Simple.

9. For the meat-loving man: Jerky Heart from Man Crates, $39.99

He’ll never know what’s coming when you hand him a red, heart-shaped box holding… surprise! meat jerky! This box holds ten different varieties of jerky for the meat lover in your life, from classic to sesame ginger.

10. For the gal who likes dainty things: Wildflowers Necklace on Etsy, $30

If you’re shopping for a girl who likes simply, elegant jewelry with an understated vibe, you can’t go wrong with this sweet necklace on Etsy. On a similar beat are pieces from Dear Mushka, Branded Collective and Milovala.

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