8 Favorite Healthy Snacks to Buy on Amazon + Your Recommendations

Even health nuts like a treat now and then. And, thanks to Amazon Prime, you can place an order with free shipping to arrive at your door. So when you’re jonesing for some healthy snacks to buy on Amazon, here’s a list of favorite ideas!

healthy snacks to buy on amazon

1.Siete Grain-Free Tortilla Chips

You may find them cheaper on Thrive or, possibly, at your local natural foods grocery store, but you can’t beat the convenience of ordering of a bag of Siete Chips (available in multiple flavors!) with Amazon Prime. Paleo, vegan, gluten-free and grain-free, these chips are made of only five ingredients and demonstrate the magic of cassava. A starch made from cassava root, cassava flour is an ingredient particularly on trend with the health crowd today, used in all kinds of traditionally gluten-heavy products.

2. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cacao with Reishi

Cold-weather season is the perfect time to cozy up with a cup of nutrient-dense reishi hot cacao. This “chill” version claims to support stress and sleep, making it a great nightly ritual. Tip: skip the package instructions and dissolve this in milk instead of water.

3. Purely Pecans ‘Sea Salt Y’All’ Pecan Butter

If you’ve never tried pecan butter, this lightly salted version is a luxurious, decadent treat. Add it to  toast, celery, crackers, smoothie bowls, whatever you like.

4. 6-Bar Sampler Pack of YES Bars

Free of grains and refined sugar, paleo-friendly, non-GMO, mostly vegan (some bars contain honey) and made of real foods, the YES bars are worth a try. This six-pack lets you sample flavors to see what you like best.

5. Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers in Farmhouse Cheddar

You don’t have to be gluten-free to appreciate these crispy, cheesy bites, reminiscent of the nips you may have had as a kid. This six-pack is currently priced at $3.50 a box, which is better than my local grocery. (There are also other flavors.)

6. Simple Mills Crunchy Cookies in Double Chocolate

Crisp, crunchy and perfect for dunking in a hot drink, these gluten-free chocolate cookies are made of nutrient-dense ingredients such as coconut flour, almond flour, coconut sugar and coconut oil.

7. Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Granola in Blueberry Hemp

Sweetened with coconut sugar and certified gluten free, vegan and non GMO, this wholesome granola features healthy grains and great flavor. This three pack is priced around $5.40 per bag, which is cheaper than the $6 to $7 typical in retail stores.

hu kitchen chocolate bar from thrive market

8. Hu Kitchen – Chocolate Bars

Last but not least: spending $50 for seven chocolate bars sounds crazy unless the idea of dark chocolate sweetened with unrefined sugar is your kind of snack. Hu Kitchen bars come in a variety of fun flavors, are sweetened with coconut sugar and this sample pack lets you try Hazelnut Butter, Crunchy Banana, Why the Fig Nut? and more.

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