6 Easy Plating Ideas for Dressing Up Everyday Dinners

You don’t have to work in a restaurant to give your food the four-star treatment. Get creative with easy plating ideas that dress up your dinners! “Not only does [seeing a plate of food as a thing of beauty] give interest, atmosphere and pleasure to the meal,” according to author Edith Schaeffer, “but it gives dignity and fulfillment to the one who prepared it.”

6 easy plating ideas for dressing up everyday dinners

“A man does not have to be the greatest chef in the world in order to enjoy the artistic fulfillment of cooking and serving a meal,” says Schaeffer in her book about finding beauty and order in the details of everyday life, Hidden Art. Indeed, in her view, a normal Tuesday night is the perfect time to make dinner feel like fine dining. Read More

Start Sourdough Baking with Artisan Sourdough Made Simple

Want to bake sourdough? Artisan Sourdough Made Simple by Emilie Raffa is the book to buy. Back in May, when I wrote that gathering tools and finding a beginner recipe is all you need to start baking sourdough, what I meant was a beginner recipe like the ones Emilie’s written. Approachable, streamlined and effective, these recipes make sourdough as simple as light kneading and an overnight ferment.

Artisan Sourdough Made Simple

If you enjoy artisan bread but think baking it yourself is impossible, there’s good news. It’s not. You can bake beautiful sourdough bread! Say hello to Artisan Sourdough Made Simple by Emilie Raffa. Read More

How to Send Someone a Meal + Nashville Delivery Services

This post on how to send someone a meal is part of a series of articles on supporting new moms or loved ones. When someone’s healing, hurting or otherwise in need of care, there’s nothing like a dinner delivery. And, as this post proves, here in Nashville, you don’t even have to cook to be able to do it! Also in this series: some fascinating Instagram survey results, this roundup of freezer meal ideas and a Q & A with cookbook editor and inspiring meal-maker Amanda Waddell.

send someone a meal

Have a friend who’s been in the hospital in Nashville, but you’re states away? Want to help your sister who just had a baby at St. Thomas or Centennial, but you hate to cook? Whatever the case, there’s an easy solution to send someone a meal in Nashville. You don’t have to live in the same town, be loaded with free time or call yourself a great chef to be able to help a friend in need. Nowadays, it’s easy to send someone a meal through local delivery services! Read More

Nashville Food Bloggers

Researching Nashville food bloggers is a heartening project. In each of the URLs listed here, you’ll find a unique site, created by a particular human being, named, configured and full of posts. Some are new; some house a decade’s worth of content. There are sites with tens of thousands of followers; sites without them. And all their recipes, restaurant reviews and About pages are a fresh testament to the creativity and drive of Music City.

nashville food bloggers roundup: one great big list

Say hello to a great, big list of Nashville food bloggers!

After checking the local food blogger member directory, asking search engines and checking with you on Instagram, these are the sites I uncovered. Read More