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One of the goals of this site is to celebrate the joy found in food. Let’s be real, though: even people who cry over fresh herbs go through dry periods where nothing feels fun. I get it! So when you’re looking for a new idea or rabbit trail to fuel your creativity and interest in the kitchen again, I hope you’ll find it here.


It was because of this site that I started baking sourdough bread, the single most magical thing ever to happen in my kitchen. Maybe you’ll get inspired, too. Here on this page are all the posts designed to offer food inspiration that have been posted on Go Eat Your Bread with Joy. Whether you’re interested in a roundup of graphic tees for foodies or a closer look at the beginner sourdough recipes, browse around and see if you find something that makes you excited or sparks some curiosity.


Oh, and hey! Do you know about a new product, service or other inspiring food-related concept worth covering? Get in touch!


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