Inspiration List: March/April 2019

Sure, it’s April 1, but no (!) foolin’ (!), here’s the March inspiration list, just one day late. Happy April! Hope you enjoy this list of some links and resources worth noting from the last 31 days.

Brown butter chocolate chip cookie dough, in the March/April inspo list at Go Eat Your Bread with Joy
Brown butter chocolate chip cookie dough, chilled overnight and ready to be baked. Recipe in the Josey Baker Bread cookbook.

Bookmarked a fun, new way to use a bread lame, to create super intricate scoring on pie crusts! This Pinterest-worthy idea comes from @wiremonkeyshop on Instagram, which, incidentally, sells beautifully intricate bread lames.

Human contact becoming a luxury item. The Internet has changed everything… including who’s more likely to view it with suspicion. If you’re the type to take breaks from social media, you might be interested to learn the privilege that reveals. I was. Fascinating take from tech writer Nellie Bowles at The New York Times.

“The rich do not live like this. The rich have grown afraid of screens. They want their children to play with blocks, and tech-free private schools are booming. Humans are more expensive, and rich people are willing and able to pay for them. Conspicuous human interaction — living without a phone for a day, quitting social networks and not answering email — has become a status symbol.”

Good, True, Beautiful roundups from Haley Baumeister. Each week, Haley blogs a list of worthy articles, books, movies, videos, etc., that won’t suck your soul and make you hate the Internet. Week 14 is what led me to the tech-free luxury article above.

PB + J on banana. This kid lunch is as simple as it sounds, yet still, it’s a fresh take on the same ol’ sandwich. Tested it on one eager 18 month old: rave reviews.

(Speaking of kid food, I wish I were ambitious enough to copy this creative, bug-themed idea from Nature’s Path. Maybe someday?)

Do you remember the Instapot examination last fall? After watching sales for months, I finally bought my own. To christen it, our family ate all Instant Pot dinners for a full week, and I used it as a crockpot shortly afterwards. One favorite find so far is the simple chicken recipe you’ve probably already been making: a pound of chicken breasts, a cup of liquid (pineapple juice or broth), salt, pepper and six minutes on the timer. It’s a keeper!

I enjoyed this podcast interview of author Abigail Dodds by J.A. Medders for a few reasons: she gets excited about sourdough scoring; she gives the most atypical, excellent writing advice I’ve heard for Christian women; and, when asked what book she’d recommend for writers, she says, best advice, go find a logic book (because good writing comes from good thinking).

As a loyal WordPress user for more than a decade, I’ve been glad to get to write a few posts for the last few months–about blogging, forums, SEO. If you’re interested in that sort of stuff, you can read them here.

If you’re looking for some new tunes, check out this Spotify playlist from Josh Garrels.

Last but not least, some Amazon affiliate links, through which the site may earn small commissions on any purchases made: one of the best books I’ve read recently on suffering and trusting God; the magic hair tool Instagram told me to buy but which is actually worth the hype so I feel I should tell you about, too; and, as always, a full roundup of recommendations available in the Amazon store.

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