Healthy Food Matters: A Q + A with Izzy Cooks

Some people see medicine and nutrition as contradictory–but Nashville nurse and blogger Izzy Cooks is one medical professional who’s fully convinced healthy food matters. In fact, working in the ICU has only further convinced her of this fact. In the below interview, she offers approachable, practical advice for anyone who’s overwhelmed by the idea of healthy eating, doesn’t know where to start and/or wonders if diet is even worth caring about at all. All photos used with permission from Izzy Cooks.

healthy eating matters q + a with izzycooksinsta

Tell me about your overall approach to eating and how you arrived at that.

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A Dozen Day Dates in Nashville, TN

From business meetings to girlfriend gatherings, there’s a lot to be said for the day date. Here’s a look at a dozen great places to try in Nashville soon!

dozen day dates in nashville tn

Consider this: if you plan your day dates in Nashville, TN between the hours of, say, ten and two, you enjoy lower meal prices, cheaper babysitters, less stress and a break in routine that can lift your spirits ‘til dinnertime. What’s more, time your meal right (i.e., ahead of or just after the lunch rush) and you’ll enjoy easier parking, smaller crowds and your choice of seating options, too. Sound good? Read More