Deep Dish Sourdough Pizza (a Kid-Friendly Dinner)

All the love to the lazy recipe from the archives, but this deep dish sourdough pizza is the new Friday favorite. It’s simple enough to involve the kids in dinner prep–yet naturally leavened to boot.

deep dish sourdough pizza / go eat your bread with joy

A tradition that started back in an early 2018 snowstorm is still going strong, now, in July’s blazing temps. Maybe that’s because Friday night pizza means a mental break from meal planning. In January, it began with this lazy recipe adapted from Genius Kitchen: a foolproof option that takes maybe 15 minutes to pull together, yields a hefty cracker crust and holds up confidently beneath mounds of meat, veggies and cheese. But, after months (!) of that happy dinner each week, along came sourdough. Life’s never been the same–and that includes pizza night.Read More

How to Make Gluten-Free Meatballs and Never Miss the Breadcrumbs

Leave it to Italy to know the secret for how to make gluten-free meatballs even better than the original. Swap in one simple ingredient (can you guess?), and you’ll wonder why you ever thought you needed breadcrumbs at all.

How to make gluten-free meatballs and never miss the breadcrumbs // Go Eat Your Bread with Joy

After a recent trip to Italy, my sister-in-law brought back a simple meatball tweak. Rather than using breadcrumbs in the mixture, she said, try swapping in the everyday ingredient that’s got all the health benefits of vegetables and none of the gluten people struggle to digest. What’s that ingredient?Read More

10 Easy Blueberry Recipes for Breakfast

Want more antioxidant-rich blueberries in your diet? Why not start with breakfast? The first meal of the day is the perfect time to up your berry intake. Below are ten easy blueberry recipes to use!

Easy Blueberry Recipes to Try for Breakfast

When you want to eat more berries, a great place to start is with easy blueberry recipes for the morning. First thing when you get up, make a fresh, healthy choice; suddenly your day will be looking better. The level of difficulty is up to you. From grabbing fresh berries on their own to using them in a make-ahead recipe, there are lots of ways to enjoy easy, blueberry-packed bites.

So want some inspiration for easy blueberry recipes? Try any of the following ideas!Read More

No-Bake Blueberry Pie with Chocolate Crust

Nothing says “Happy National Blueberry Month” like a no-bake blueberry pie. This version features two layers: a five-ingredient chocolate crust and a six-ingredient blueberry cream filling. Rather than cheese, the cream comes from cashews. Rather than baking in the oven, the pie chills in the freezer. It’s gluten-free, dairy-free and takes maybe 15 minutes to blend. Try this sweet treat this season!No-Bake Blueberry Pie / Go Eat Your Bread with Joy

Whether it’s because you’ve spent the day at the pool, you’re away on vacation or your house doesn’t have air-conditioning, no-bake desserts are a must for the summer months. There’s no need to turn on the oven. You won’t have to gather a lot of cooking gear. All you have to do is blend ingredients in the food processor (or blender) and chill them in layers until firm. Even better, the resulting pie is chilled. That means each bite is a cooling, refreshing blend of berries sweetened and blended with cashew cream–almost as good as sweet tea for taking with you to relax on the front porch. Read More

15 Health Benefits of Blueberries

July is National Blueberry Month, a great time to talk about the health benefits of blueberries. So what’s so great about these little fruits? To start, they’re high in antioxidants, associated with lower risks of disease and, from a marketing standpoint, ranked as superfood. Welcome to Blueberry Week.

blueberry picking in nashville tn

You don’t have to care about health to like blueberries. These little berries taste great plain, in pie, in doughkies, in homemade jello snacks. Kids like them. Adults like them. They’re also one of North America’s natural treasures: did you know 95% of blueberries come from Canada and the United States?Read More

Healthy Food Matters: A Q + A with Izzy Cooks

Some people see medicine and nutrition as contradictory–but Nashville nurse and blogger Izzy Cooks is one medical professional who’s fully convinced healthy food matters. In fact, working in the ICU has only further convinced her of this fact. In the below interview, she offers approachable, practical advice for anyone who’s overwhelmed by the idea of healthy eating, doesn’t know where to start and/or wonders if diet is even worth caring about at all. All photos used with permission from Izzy Cooks.

healthy eating matters q + a with izzycooksinsta

Tell me about your overall approach to eating and how you arrived at that.

Read More

I Bought $12 Bakery Bags on Amazon, and Now I Want to Bake Bread for Everyone

Once you start baking bread, it’s only natural to shop for bakery bags. There’s no denying that giving someone a fresh-baked loaf is more fun when it looks professionally wrapped. So, fresh from my own hunt for the best way to gift sourdough to friends, here are some recommendations worth trying!

bakery bags for bread

The only thing better than a fresh loaf of sourdough is a fresh loaf of sourdough someone made you and wrapped in a clean bakery bag. Presentation, am I right? Read More

14 Freezer Meals for New Moms

This post on freezer meals for new moms is part of a series of articles on bringing meals to friends who’ve had babies or are sick. Interested in learning more? See also Instagram survey results and this interview with Amanda Waddell. Or, if you have an idea or feedback on the topic to share, message me anytime!

freezer meals for new moms

Have a friend who’s been in the hospital? Are you pregnant and prepping for those postpartum days? Whatever the case, when you want meals that can be made ahead of time, frozen and then popped in the oven, here’s a roundup of great ideas for freezer meals for new moms (or anyone in a tough spot). Browse through and get inspired with what to bring or prep! All recipes feature comforting meals that can be brought fresh or frozen.Read More

Fourth of July Desserts: Mini Fruit Pies

Looking for Fourth of July desserts that are fun, adorable and easy to share? Take your standard fruit pie and miniaturize it in muffin cups. I mean, think about it: is there anything cuter or more seasonally appropriate than mini lattice-topped fruit pies, filled with red and blue fruits?

Fourth of July Desserts: Mini Lattice Pies

Let’s say you’re going to a picnic or potluck in the next few weeks. You want to bring some cute summer dessert–a dish that tastes great, looks good and is kid-friendly if possible. You could bring ice cream, but it melts. Brownies, cake or cookies, but you’re uninspired. Then you remember pie and picture it: a golden, lattice-topped pie filled with red and blue fruit. Even better, you think, why not up the cute factor by making the pies mini, little hand-held treats baked in a muffin tin?Read More