Jarlsberg Jalapeño Biscuits [recipe]

South meets Norse in this Jarlsberg® jalapeño biscuits recipe, created in partnership with Jarlsberg® cheese*. In it, a Southern classic gets a Norwegian twist with a hefty portion of the mild cow’s milk cheese alongside diced peppers. Think of it as more reason to love the people of fjords, Vikings, skiing and the midnight sun.

Jarlsberg jalapeno biscuits

Sure, the Danes brought us hygge, but the Norwegians gave us what’s now known as America’s number-one edible import: Jarlsberg® cheese. Mild and melty, this lactose-free cheese is as versatile as it is beloved. Is it any wonder that the people of Norway are literally some of the happiest on earth, ranked second only to Denmark?Read More

Pepperidge Farm: The Bread That Launched a Business

This is part three in a Cook the Cookbook series featuring Margaret Rudkin’s The Pepperidge Farm Cookbook, published in 1963. Also in this series: Intro, Venison Vegetable Soup and Will the Best Pie Crust Please Stand Up?.

Homemade white bread from Pepperidge Farm's Margaret Rudkin

Like most middle-class American children of the ‘80s and ‘90s, I grew up on goldfish crackers, Milano cookies and other foods branded with that famous red banner displaying the Pepperidge Farm name. When choosing a recipe from this third section of Rudkin’s book, however, dubbed “Pepperidge Farm,” I decide to go basic. If bread could grab her doctor’s attention, launch Rudkin’s foray into the food business and be the impetus for a business now known around the world, perhaps it will appeal to me, too. Read More